How to Behave in Public



A half-day workshop for published and soon-to-be-published authors with Jo Unwin

You’ve written the best book you could possibly write.
Now you want people to buy it.

 Whether you’re talking about your book at the pub to a friend, or you’re trying to entice an agent, you need to know how to talk about it effectively.
Whether you’re reading aloud at a literary event, or you’re asked to promote it on the radio, you need to know how make your book sound not just good, but irresistible.

The day will cover essential topics – all aimed towards making you the best ‘public person’ possible.   Including:

1 • THE PITCH:  What is a pitch?  How can you distil your hard-wrought 80,000 words into just a few words that will MAKE PEOPLE WANT TO BUY THE BOOK.

2 • BEING INTERVIEWED:  Your book’s published and you’ve been invited to talk about it on the radio or at a festival – how can you make best use of the few minutes you have to really sell your book.

3 • READING ALOUD:  How to make people sit up and take notice.  Conquer your fear of public speaking.  How to engage the audience.
Don’t waste an opportunity to get people to WANT TO BUY THE BOOK.

All these topics and more will be covered on the day. Sign-up now, space limited to 20.


2pm – 6pm

£95 per person
Coffee/Tea/Soft Drinks/Wine will be provided along with light snacks


Jo Unwin is a Literary Agent with twenty five years experience in theatre and television, as both a writer and an actress.  This year she set up Jo Unwin Literary Agency, and her real love is discovering new talent. In this workshop she’ll help you maximize your chances of being both discovered and memorable.


Guerilla Night

A Carnival Of The Flesh

Guerilla Night

New Book Launched – Guest Readings – introduction to New Guerilla philosophy – cocktails & camaraderie 

Come along and unmask, let that ‘prepared’ face go. We don’t ask money on the door, only that you go home with a BOOK. Prices range from £1.50 – £squillions

When: Tuesday 11th February from 19:00

Structo Launch

News from our friends at Structo:

After all the fun of last year, we’re delighted to be returning to The Society Club in London for the launch of Structo issue 10. On Saturday the 3rd of August, from 6pm, get yourself to Soho for readings, cocktails, music, interesting conversations, more cocktails and a very high likelihood of cake. Also piles of magazines.

We couldn’t be happier with the line-up. There will be poetry from Lucy Furlong, a couple of short stories from Jason Gould and Christine Stroik Stocke and a début reading from our very own fiction editor Keir Pratt. It’s going to be a great evening, and as usual it’s free to get in.

Saturday, August 3rd – kicks off at 6pm

Structo is a British literary magazine. Twice a year we publish the best new short stories and poetry from all around the world alongside essays, and interviews with some of the most interesting authors working today. The magazine can be read either on-line or on paper, as a limited-edition print run is published for each issue.

This is our blog. The main website can be found here.

The Word Factory #13

Owen Sheers Sophie Hampton Paul McVeigh

JULY 27th, 2013
Owen Sheers, Sophie Hampton & Paul McVeigh

6-8pm at:
The Society Club

12 Ingestre Place, Soho, W1F OJF

£10 on the door

As conflict in the middle-east escalates Owen Sheers brings to life a world where the psychological effects of war are played out in the lives of soldiers and their families in Pink Mist, a powerful work of narrative poetry, storytelling and music that links our time and the legacy of literature from the First World War. Joining him will be two new voices: Sophie Hampton and Paul McVeigh. Come and experience the very best of contemporary writing at London’s most intimate literary event and don’t forget to tell your friends.


The Word Factory #12 — London’s most intimate monthly literary event

WordFactory Logo

Saturday, 29th June

6-8pm at: The Society Club
12 Ingestre Place, Soho, W1F OJF

£10 on the door

Come and enjoy the richness and vivacity of Ireland’s contemporary writing scene at London’s most intimate literary event. Spend an evening of extraordinary storytelling in the company of three superlative authors, Kevin Barry, Mary Costello, Keith Ridgway, all celebrating the London launch of Town and Country, New Irish Short Stories edited by Kevin Barry.



Doors open at 6:30
Performance stars at 7.30

£10 on the door

Tuesday. June 4th

Is your sex-life, career and life-style bringing you down?  Is everything kinda loose, flabby and elastic, like pre-op naughty bits?

Don’t despair! There IS a way to lash, bash and slash your men (or women) and career back to pulsing, pubescent panache!   At the receiving end of ex-transsexual dominatrix Sasha Selavie, lyrically assisted by uber-chic jazz diva Holly Penfield, you’ll find how to whip every part of you –  and your life – into a purr-fect TEN, dominatrix style!

The Look of Love: The Life and Times of Paul Raymond, Soho’s King of Clubs

The Look of Love: The Life and Times of Paul Raymond, Soho’s King of Clubs

Tuesday, May 21st

The Society Club, 12 Ingestre Place, London W1F 0JF

Join The Society Club as we welcome Paul Willetts, acclaimed biographer and author of The Look of Love: The Life and Times of Paul Raymond, Soho’s King of Clubs

Celebrated chronicler of Soho bohemia, Paul Willetts, will be discussing his tragic-comic biography of Paul Raymond, on which the stylish new Michael Winterbottom movie is based. Raymond—often labelled by the press as “the King of Soho”—was one of post-war Britain’s most scandalous celebrities, probably best-known as the founder of the Raymond Revuebar, the glamorous strip-club that attracted everyone from Judy Garland to the Beatles.

“This fascinating study is as much a history of London’s square mile of vice as an account of one man’s life… Thoroughly researched and extremely well-written, this is an impressive book. Not since John Dickie’s Cosa Nostra have I read anything that exerts such hypnotic fascination for its sometimes repellent subject.” (The Observer)

Paul Willetts is the author of two previous, much-praised works of non-fiction, Fear and Loathing in Fitzrovia and North Soho 999. Alongside these, he has edited four much-praised collections of writing by the bohemian dandy, Julian Maclaren-Ross, who was the subject of Fear and Loathing in Fitzrovia, widely nominated as one of the “Books of 2003”. He also devised and worked as co-photographer on Teenage Flicks, a jokey celebration of Subbuteo, featuring contributions by Will Self, David Baddiel and others. His journalism has appeared in The Independent, The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph and elsewhere.