We Need You Lazzaro, You Lazy, Greasy Bastard

The Society Club welcomes the one-and-only Son of Dave for a night of music and words – as he reads from his collection ‘We Need You Lazzaro, You Lazy, Greasy Bastard’

Tuesday, December 18th
6:30 – 8:30
The Society Club
12 Ingestre Place

Son of Dave is a Canadian bluesman and writer who has been living in London for more than 15 years.   He is also the longest-serving columnist for The Stool Pigeon, Britain’s coolest, fully independent and award-winning music newspaper.

He has performed a thousand shows on most continents.  Since going solo in 2000, he has produced four albums and has received critical acclaimed and has been described as a mix of ‘cotton-pickin’ blues, vocalising beat-box, hard-breathing folk, steamy funk and even modern R&B’.

In a very special appearance at The Society Club, Son of Dave will be reading from his collection of columns from The Stool Pigeon and playing a song or two …

Join us for what will be a very entertaining and interesting night – and be tempted by our new cocktail menu.  A great way to welcome in the holidays and to warm-up with a bluesy song.

Copies of We Need You Lazzaro, You Lazy, Greasy Bastard & The Other Stool Pigeon Columns will be available on the night for purchase along with vinyl and other assorted Dave-related items.


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