Happy to say, we’ve come across a large collection of the 1940s/1950s series ‘Britain in Pictures.’

During WWII, under the threat of a lost national identity, Collins published the ‘Britain in Pictures’ series to celebrate Britain’s unique contribution to the arts.  This amazing series celebrated various subjects to help boost national pride.

Many of the books were written and/or edited by notable names.   From Sir Richard Gregory on British Scientists to Elizabeth Bowen on English Novelists, each slim volume – 132 in all ! – are true keepsakes of their time.

If you’re interested in knowing our complete inventory (including price/condition/printing) – please email me directly at .. or better yet, stop-by and have a browse.


The Society Club is proud to presesnt the gorgeous, curvaceous and larger than life Eve Ferret, will be bringing us ‘Fabaret’, an evening of song, nostalgia and chaos!

“A brilliant live performer”  -Robert Elms Radio London

“Eve Ferret is not so much a cabaret artiste – but more a force of nature”  -Adele Anderson

Thursday 27th September

Club doors will open from 6.30pm as usual, show starts at 8.30pm.

£8.00 on the door but please send your RSVP ASAP to to reserve your seats, as we expect this to be a sell out show.  So reserve now!


A night of short story readings, conversation & wine

Join us at London’s most intimate literary event, this month celebrating the must-read anthology The Best of British Short Stories 2012.   Enjoy wonderful readings by A. K. Benedict, Stella Duffy, Stuart Evers and Nicholas Royle.

Saturday, September 29th
12 Ingestre Place, W1F0JF
£5 on the door

RSVP here



‘Beautiful Strangeness’, the first solo-London sculpture exhibition by artist Tanya Tier

Current Show ‘Beautiful Strangeness’, the first solo-London sculpture exhibition by artist Tanya Tier

Capturing a magical, abstract world of intrigue and wonder, Tanya Tier’s work ranges from playful surrealism to enchanting taxidermy sculptures which open the mind, stir the heart and bring a sense of quiet awe. ‘Beautiful Strangeness’ features 20 unique works which include some inspired twists on the theme of taxidermy, meticulously reimagined by artist Tanya Tier. From a small bird which appears to be transcending the confines of its glass container, to a gas mask with antlers from the ‘Death of Narnia’ series, each piece is captivating and superbly crafted. This is the first time Tier’s work is being shown in a solo-exhibit in London. ‘My practice is concerned with themes of magic, enchantment, time, illusion, other worlds and the secret anarchy of science,’ Tier says. ‘I am looking at questions which arise from the world of quantum physics and the metaphysical, and how a corrupted form in one dimension might be quiddity in another. My objects are like specimens brought back from beyond the looking glass … the result of a breach in the membrane between parallel universes, which has allowed something uncanny to crash through into our world. The greatest beauty can be found in strangeness.’

The exhibition will take place at London’s The Society Club, Soho, from Thursday 20th September 2012.

Tanya Tier is an English artist who has exhibited both in the UK and internationally (Brussels, Rome, Madrid). She was also invited by the British Council to fly to Johannesburg and Cape Town to research and produce artworks for an exhibition to mark ten years of democracy in South Africa for an exhibit that took place in Johannesburg and London. Tanya has also produced political cartoons and written and filmed her own sketches for TV. Her artwork has appeared most recently at The Lethaby Gallery and the Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology (where contemporary art responds to ancient artefacts) in London. She was recently awarded the Phoebe Llewellyn Smith Award for sculpture, and her work has also been shortlisted for the Debut Contemporary Award. Tanya lives and works in London.



‘The Paintings of Margaret Pepper’ will be on display through the month of September.

For more information about Margaret and her incredible story, have a look at these interviews…

‘My true self has finally been released': For years, Maurice Pepper had a secret he couldn’t reveal, even to his wife. It wasn’t until she was taken into care that he made a life-changing decision .. read more via The Guardian

Maurice Pepper, born 1944, became Margaret Pepper in 2004. As a child Maurice  knew he was different. As an adult Margaret is addressing transgender issues through her art … read more at Suite 101



Lawrence Durrell was only 24 when he wrote his novel The Black Book.   The Observer wrote at the time“This is a wild, passionate, brilliantly gaudy and flamboyant extravaganza”.

Published originally by the Obelisk Press, Faber and Faber offered to publish the novel in England in an ‘expurgated’ edition (at the time, we were operating under ridiculous censorship laws, and books such as The Black Book were banned).   Durrell said no, after talking to friend Henry Miller.

We are very happy to have on display – a first edition of the Obelisk Press edition.   Very rare.  And very lovely.

Email us if you’re interested in giving this piece of history a home.



Richard Milward Event

Saturday, September 22nd
Richard Milward Reading & Signing
6:00 – 8:00

We’re thrilled to welcome Richard Milward, author of Apples and Ten Storey Love Song, as he reads from his latest novel Kimberly’s Capital Punishment – just out from Faber.

His first book, Apples, was hailed by critics, Irvine Welsh called it ‘It’s one of the best books I’ve ever read about being young, working-class and British.’

Milward will be reading from his new novel, Kimberly’s Capital Punishment, which has just been published and already receiving really great reviews. Time Out called it a ‘dark and surreal yarn… Milward holds our attention with endearing characters and quirky storytelling techniques… a deliciously playful, marvellously adventurous fuck-you of a novel; a confident and assured effort from one of the country’s most inventive young writers.’

This will be a great event!   First come, first seat.  Remember, we have a full bar now.  So arriving early has its benefits …


Kimberlys Capital Punishment (trade paperback)

Kimberly Clark was born to the sound of cackling witches, Halloween 1984. Having moved to London with her athletic boyfriend, the sweet-but-stuttering Stevie, she soon tires of him and decides to destroy the relationship from within by being as vile as is humanly possible. When this tactic leads to Stevie’s violent death by his own hand, Kimberly embarks on an enthusiastic, but no less disastrous, venture in ‘unadulterated altruism’. Kimberly’s soul hangs in the balance – will she ultimately spend eternity in the great TopShop in the sky? Or will she be hurtled into an abyss of endless physical torture, sexual humiliation and bad stand-up comedy? This is the story of Kimberly’s redemption, or possibly her damnation: it’s up to you. There are six different endings on offer. Bring your own dice. Prepare to lose your marbles.

This is a shocking, laugh-out-loud, nightmare-and-nausea-inducing book: a wild narrative experiment that recalls taboo-busting writers from William Burroughs to Irvine Welsh to Chuck Palahniuk.