Remembering Leee Black Childers


-Leee Black Childers

From Andy Warhol’s The Factory and Max’s Kansas City to The Chelsea Hotel and The Anarchy Tour, Leee has been eye-witness to the musicians and artists that defined a generation and made a major impact on the generation that would follow.  

He said ‘I loved all of those self-destructive people because you can’t change them.  So you have to make the decision to except them for who they are.’

We remember the life and legacy of Leee Black Childers, who passed away over the weekend.   He was a bright light that captured other bright lights brilliantly and it’s through his wit and genuine love for his friends that we know just a little bit more about those Warholian creations; Jackie Curtis, Holly Woodlawn and Candy Darling.   He championed them – and championed others like Iggy, Bowie, Johnny Thunders, Wayne/Jayne County, Debbie, Patti – and through his photography we’ve come to understand what a magic time that was NYC/London in the 1970s.    It was a time when drag-queens ruled lower Manhattan and a little bar called CBBG’s let newcomers like Blondie own the stage.   It’s an era gone now and with the passing of Leee, we’ve lost another beautiful superstar.

Rest easy, dearest Leee …



Guerilla Night

A Carnival Of The Flesh

Guerilla Night

New Book Launched – Guest Readings – introduction to New Guerilla philosophy – cocktails & camaraderie 

Come along and unmask, let that ‘prepared’ face go. We don’t ask money on the door, only that you go home with a BOOK. Prices range from £1.50 - £squillions

When: Tuesday 11th February from 19:00


Bouncer throwing out Tariq Siddiqi


Exploring Soho in all its glory, photographer Dafydd Jones captures an unposed Soho in his new show ‘Soho Moments’. Noted for his magazine editorial and paparazzi shots, Jones is the modern master of the behind-the-scenes party photos of the famous and infamous, fabulous and obscure. From street scenes to party girls, private moments at private clubs to The Queen, Jones has the uncanny ability to focus his camera at the exact second to grab the moment. In these shots of Soho, Jones focuses his camera not only recognizable faces, but also Soho itself, creating a new spotlight and story unlike you’ve seen before.

‘We are thrilled with the opportunity to showcase one of our favourite photographers, Dafydd Jones, at the newly remodelled The Society Club. On the cusp of celebrating our two year anniversary as a bookstore, gallery and cocktail bar, we can think of no one better to capture the spirit of Soho – and the parties Soho inspires – than Dafydd Jones’ -Babette Kulik and Carrie Kania, The Society Club

Soho Moments: Photography by Dafydd Jones runs at London’s new The Society Club from October 17th.

All photography is available for purchase, framed and unframed, in auditioned prints. Photography can be purchased directly at The Society Club or through our website at

Dafydd Jones has worked for nearly every magazine in the UK and internationally, including Tatler, Sunday Times, Vanity Fair, Paper, Telegraph and Evening Standard. His work has been exhibited in numerous gallery’s including the National Portrait Gallery and features prominently at Tatler’s upcoming exhibition of the 50 best party pictures of the past 50 years at Annabel’s in Berkley Square as well as in a pop-up exhibition at the ICA this Fall.

The Society Club, ‘A bookshop with style’ (Tea Time in Wonderland) is located in Soho, London with the intention of bringing ‘the best of all possible
things’ to the forefront. The Society Club aims to promote culture, style and literature through select events and exhibits over an extensive cocktail menu.
The Society Club has been honoured to host exhibits by photographers Bob Carlos Clarke, Derek Ridgers, formento+formento, John Stoddart, Chas Ray Krider as
well as iconic photographer Leee Black Childers and the debut exhibit of Scarlett Carlos Clarke. The Society Club was featured as The Cult Shop in FT’s
How to Spend It, named by The Guardian as a favourite independent bookshop, a best drinking spot in The Telegraph and One of London’s Most Interesting Shops
via CNN