Live Fast Die Young, an exhibition of the late Bob Carlos Clarke


Scarlett Carlos Clarke presents Live Fast Die Young, a photographic exhibition of the late Bob Carlos Clarke at The Society Club in Soho.

A prolific but troubled photographer, Bob Carlos Clarke was known for his pictures of rock stars and erotic — sometimes shocking — images of women. Often referred to as the British Helmet Newton, he shot numerous women – famous, infamous and unknown, his extraordinary images for Marco Pierre White’s ‘White Heat’ are iconic.  Carlos Clarke produced five books during his career: The Illustrated Delta of Venus Obsession, The Dark Summer, White Heat, and Shooting Sex. He died in 2006.

Carlos Clarke himself eerily reflected, a few years ago, when discussing Robert Mapplethorpe, “For the purposes of deification, an early and appropriate death is essential. If you want to qualify as a legend, get famous young, die tragically and dramatically, and never underestimate the importance of your unrepeatable, irreplaceable, iconic photographs.”.

‘This show is going to be a catalyst for many more shows I plan to curate. The aim is for up and coming artists and photographers to exhibit their work throughout the year here at The Society Club. I wanted to start this new series with my dad because he was so supportive of new artists. I hope that in the upcoming year to be able to showcase some rising young talent in the art world, often overlooked by traditional galleries, and give them a platform to display and sell their work.’ -Scarlett Carlos Clarke

‘We’re thrilled to have someone so dedicated with working with and championing young artists. Scarlett, as curator, will bring a fresh, young eye to the London gallery scene.’ -Babette Kulik and Carrie Kania, owners of The Society Club

Live Fast Die Young: The photographs of Bob Carlos Clarke as curated by Scarlett Carlos Clarke will be on exhibit at The Society Club from 28th November.

Scarlett Carlos Clarke was born in London in 1992. She left Art collage to train with Alexandra Brownsell doing hair at BLEACH London. However, when Scarlett met Harriet Verney in 2011, they saw a gap in the market for young up and coming talent.  Together PIGMEE Magazine was born. PIGMEE is a tongue in cheek, snouts up to current editorial content. From unpublished works of late and great icons such as Isabella Blow and images from Bob Carlos Clarke to editorials with Young British Designers, PIGMEE shocks and salutes. PIGMEE cuddles and coincides with the online shop The 123 Store owned and founded by Harriet. The 123 Store is a platform for undiscovered and renown British made talent to perform and sell from.   ‘Our main aim with both PIGMEE Magazine and the 123 Store is to showcase up and coming talent.

Holiday Gift Plug: Poetry

Faber 80th Poetry

We’ve rearranged our books today to highlight some of the lovely book-gifts we are recommending this holiday season.   Here’s the plug for The Faber Poetry set.

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We have a great poetry section at The Society Club and poet George Chopping is reading next Saturday, December 1st at 7pm.