EXCLUSIVE Stephen Jones cards – now available at The Shop

Now available: A collection of exclusive greeting cards using archive illustrations from Stephen Jones, raising money for HIV i-Base, a London based advocacy and HIV information charity.

Featuring Macao Mercury from Miss World collection spring/summer ’94, Mirabelle from Legasty collection spring/summer ’95, Bloom from The Devil is a Woman collection spring/summer ’92, Musical from Norma Desmond Lives! collection autumn/winter ’92 and Soirée Scarabée from Xanadu collection autumn/winter ’93. Back of card includes Stephen Jones Millinery logo, design annotation, charity logo and text One of five greetings cards with archive illustrations from the Stephen Jones collections. Raising funds for i-Base. A London based HIV information service

The cards will be for sale from April 30th, 2012 at http://www.ibase-editions.co.uk for a donation of £10.00. In central London, the cards will be available at The Society Club (12 Ingestre Place, Soho W1F0JF).

HIV i-Base is a treatment activist group committed to providing timely HIV treatment information to HIV-positive people and to health care professionals. Working in the UK and internationally our central aim is quality of care and access to health for all people with HIV. Founded in 2000, we advocate for better and more affordable treatment We work to ensure that people living with HIV are well informed and actively engaged in their own treatment and medical care. We also work to ensure that people living with HIV are included in policy discussions about HIV treatment recommendations and access. Find out more at: http://i-base.info/home/


The London Bookshop Map

The new edition of The London Bookshop Map is available now online and at our Shop.  Stop by to pick-up your copy, it’s a wonderful reference to 96 independent bookshops in London.


96 independent bookshops

Independent bookshops fill the gaps in the high street, stocking thoughtful and idiosyncratic selections rather than market-driven choices of books. They sustain local interests and offer different ways for communities to participate in a range of cultural activities. They are crucial platforms for alternative publishing.


Chip Martin, author of A Journeyman in Bohemia, reading this Tuesday

Join us for a reading with Chip Martin, author of ‘A Journeyman In Bohemia’ Tuesday May 1st 6.30pm

Chip Martin is the author of a sequence of novellas transiting across spaces of Europe and America in the last third of the 20th century. Characters develop, disappear, reappear and find their destinies in different guises. His trilogy A School of London came out as a single volume last year.

A Journeyman in Bohemia, the first part of it, tells the tale of an artist who drops out of middle-class English life to learn his craft in a contemporary version of the grand tour, winning and losing three remarkable women en route. Of this book, Beryl Bainbridge wrote, ‘It is wonderful and precise and I fully believed in it. Also the structure is so good. It reminded me of a fantastic chap, a German or Swede – I’ll find his name sometime – who wrote in the ’30s about a journey. It didn’t really matter where he was going, just that his voice of that of the main character, was so bloody authoritative. You know how you read a novel and trip over things and have to go back? – Well, I never did once. I mean the narrative voice carried me on.’

Chip will read from A Journeyman in Bohemia and discuss its place in the larger trilogy. He will also comment on the history of ‘bohemia’ as an idea, about which he was written under his other identity, Stoddard Martin, as which he has for many years been a critic and lecturer.

Journeyman cover