Pussycat Alley!

Join us Monday, 27/2, for a showing of The World Ten Times Over.

In London’s sin-filled strip, there is one place where every man goes … Pussycat Alley.  Where everything happens!

Sylvia Syms and June Ritchie play Soho nightclub ‘hostesses’.  Bella is jaded and fed up with men, while Ginnie is an accomplished seductress.  When a rich executive who is separated from his wife gets involved with Ginnie, Bella becomes envious.  The romantic entanglements proceed to challenge the friendship between them.  ’A downbeat, realistic and gritty portrayal of a day in the life of a lustreless London’ said the NFT programme.

Most of the film takes place on the studio set used for the girls’ flat.  There is however an extended location montage in the streets of Soho, which gives a good atmosphere at the height of the cafe era, including a nice shot of the sign of the Heaven and Hell Coffee Bar.

DATE:    Monday, Feb 27
TIME:     7pm
PLACE:  The Sanctum Hotel,  20 Warwick Street, Soho, W1B 5NF

Members: £5, non-members £10

Barney Rosset

“All my life I followed the things that I liked — people, things, books — and when things were offered to me, I published them. I never did anything I really didn’t like.” Mr. Rosset sipped from his drink and smiled. “ Should we have had more of a business plan?” he added. “Probably. But then the publishers that did have business plans didn’t do any better.”

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Waiting for Godot